Brin grew up in the green mountains of Vermont, where he spent much time involved in the community and the performing arts.  He stayed active throughout his childhood, playing sports, doing gymnastics and flipping around the farmer’s market almost every weekend.  By age ten, Brin had become attached to the circus arts.  He joined Circus Smirkus, a touring youth circus company, at age fourteen, spending his summers performing all around New England and New York.  During these four summers performing, Brin realized he had found his niche and wanted to pursue a career in the circus arts.  At age seventeen, Brin decided to further his passion in circus at the National Circus School in Montreal, specializing in tight wire and cyr wheel. 


Brin will be graduating from the National Circus School in Montreal in the spring of 2018.  He has spent the past three years at the school progressing technically while also finding himself as an artist and performer.  Working hard to develop a specific style of movement in his own work on tight wire, Brin looks at this discipline as a form of dance while keeping the basis technique and acrobatic skills to push him further.  Brin is also interested in many different forms of art including videography, photography, drawing, painting and fashion. Brin’s main goal for the future is to combine these different forms of art he is inspired by to bring a new dimension to the art world while helping him to evolve and grow as well.

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